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Are You My Cousin?: Can You Spell "Haley"?

Are You My Cousin?

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I tell the stories of my ancestors’ lives. Whether they lived 20 years ago or 200 years ago, they each have a story to tell. Some ancestors tell their stories willingly. Others must have their stories carefully teased from the records. Sometimes the stories are sad. Sometimes the stories are happy. Sometimes the stories are just funny. Regardless, my ancestors’ stories shaped their lives and the lives of those that followed. Come and share in the tales!

Friday, May 27, 2011

Can You Spell "Haley"?

One of the family lines that currently takes up much of my research time is my Haley family. This would be my great-grandmother Winnie Haley Carr’s line. As anyone researching genealogy quickly learns, one must be imaginative with a surname’s spelling to find your ancestor. I thought I’d share some of the fun spellings I found for the Haley surname.

Hall (This one took me a while to unravel.)
Kealy (Those “K”s and “H”s can look very similar sometimes!)

I'm sure there are more out there I have not encountered.



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