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Are You My Cousin?: A Must Have For a Research Trip!

Are You My Cousin?

Discovering My Ancestors -- One Cousin at a Time

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I tell the stories of my ancestors’ lives. Whether they lived 20 years ago or 200 years ago, they each have a story to tell. Some ancestors tell their stories willingly. Others must have their stories carefully teased from the records. Sometimes the stories are sad. Sometimes the stories are happy. Sometimes the stories are just funny. Regardless, my ancestors’ stories shaped their lives and the lives of those that followed. Come and share in the tales!

Friday, April 22, 2011

A Must Have For a Research Trip!

This is a very important item I take on my research trips. As often happens, I underestimated the time I needed (i.e. wanted) at the NC Archives.  Breakfast was long past and the lunch hour was approaching.  I was on the trail of a new record and not willing to give up the search.  So... a quick break with a high protein snack and I was back to my search.  (Yes, I did go on to make a great find.)



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