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Are You My Cousin?: Postcard of Kentuck, VA

Are You My Cousin?

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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Postcard of Kentuck, VA

Here is another postcard from the collection of my great grandmother Esther Lee Richardson.  Kentuck, VA is located in Pittsylvania County, VA northeast of Danville.  Kentuck is also just north of Ringgold, VA. Kentuck is a small community even today.  I find it interesting that it had its own postcard back in 1913.

Alas, this is another unsigned postcard. Esther seemed to get a lot of those. Looking at the front of the card on the bottom right, it says "Gee I wish I had a girl".  That makes me wonder if the card is from an admirer.  If so, which one?  Her future husand, Bossy Talbott?  I can't say for sure.

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