Friday, October 15, 2010

Haley - Green Deed

I have been spending much of my research time in recent months on my Haley family line. Winnie Haley Carr was my great-great grandmother. As a review, my line is Winifred Haley-William H Haley (aka George William Haley)-Stephen "Case" Haley-Jesse Haley. I have been very fortunate to have my grandmother and her cousins provide me with information and stories about the Haleys.

I found the deed below while actually looking for something else. It is a deed selling land from the estate of Jesse Haley to James W Green. I found several valuable leads in this document.

Haley-Green Deed
4 Oct 1870

This Deed made and entered into this 4th day of October in the year 1870 between Catherine M Haley Executrix of Jesse R Haley dec’d and Stephen C Haley and Anne his wife of the one part and James W Green of the other part. Whereas heretofore considered on the 4th day of October 1870 the said Catherine M Haley Executrix as aforesaid by virtue of the last will testament of her testator which was duly proved and admitted to probate in the County Court of Halifax exposes to sale the land belonging to the estate of the said Jessee R Haley dec’d containing by estimation seventy nine and three fourth acres (be the same more or less) herein after more particularly described and the said Stephen C Haley being the highest bidder therefor became the purchaser thereof at the price of three dollars and twenty cents per acre and he having sold the same to the said James W Green has requested the said Catherine M Haley, Executrix as aforesaid to make title to the said James W Green which is signified by the said Stephen C Haley’s being a party hereto. Now therefore the said Catherine M Haley for and in consideration of the premises aforesaid for the further consideration of the sum of one dollar to her in hand paid by the said James W Green and the said Stephen C Haley and Ann his wife for and in consideration of the sum of two hundred and fifty five dollars and twenty cents to them in hand paid by the said James W Green do release to him all their claims upon the land aforesaid embracing the following tracts or parcels to wit: Sixty three and three fourth acres on which said Jessee R Hailey lived at the time of his death adjoining the lands of Nancy Treble and others and also the said Jessee R Haley’s undivided interest in the landed estate of the late Fleming Owen dec’d devised to the said Jessee R Hailey and others by the will bearing date the 13th day of August 1846 and duly administered to probate in the County Court of Halifax the 28th day of Sept of the same year supposed to contain sixteen acres (be the same more or less) adjoining the tract above mentioned and the sd. Stephen C Haley and Ann his wife covenant with the said James W Green that they will warrant generally the property hereby conveyed.

Witness the following signatures and seals
Witness Catherine M “X” Haley Seal

Wm A Sydnor
S. C. Haley Seal
Mary A Haley

From previous research I know that Catherine Haley and Stephen C Haley are children of Jesse Haley. Jesse had two other children as well. His son Robert Alexander Haley was killed in the Civil War. I am unsure of what became of his oldest daughter Christiana. Jesse's wife Temperance (Owen) is not mentioned in this document leading me to think she was not living.

From this document, I can obviously determine that Jesse Haley died prior to 4 Oct 1870. Learning that Jesse had a will and that it went through the probate process was enough to cause me to do the genealogy "happy dance". (Yes, the microfilm is on order!) I find it interesting that Jesse's daughter Catherine is the executrix of his estate and not his son. Does anyone know if this was a common practice?

Jesse Haley's neighbor Nancy Treble is actually Nancy Tribble. The Tribble family was present in Halifax County during this time. In fact, Stephen C Haley's wife Ann was (Mary) Ann Tribble . Knowing who Jesse's neighbor was will help in determining the location of his land.

This deed also tells me Jesse Haley inherited land in Halifax County, VA from the estate of Fleming Owen in 1846. (I actually have a transcript of this document in my files.) Fleming Owen (1782-1846) was the uncle of Jesse's wife Temperance Owen.

I learned a lot of information and gained new leads in my accidental find. I hope this helps other Halifax County researchers who my be seeking any of these family lines. I'll keep you updated on further Haley developments.

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