Monday, October 11, 2010

Amanuensis Monday Reuben Richardson

This week's letter is a real gem in the correspondance collection of my great grandmother Esther Lee Richardson. It is a letter to Esther from her brother Reuben Richardson. It was written in May 1915 when Reuben (1897-1918) was about 18 years old and working in Ashville, NC. I do not know a lot about Reuben. He died in WWI, 3 years after this letter was written. His handwriting is not quite as easy to read as his sister's, but I have endeavored to transcribe his words as he wrote them.

Reuben Richardson
Ashville, NC

May 1915

Dear Sister,

I received your letter all _____ and real glad to hear from you'll, but sorry to hear that Uncle Mitt [?] is so bad off, but I hope that he is much better now. I got a letter from Atwood also today and he said that he had been sick also, but was feeling much better when he wrote. You asked me about my boarding place. I have got one of the swellest places in town with a lady name Scott her husband is here, and also and three daughters. All young too about 16, 18, and twenty I guess I can't tell and also two other young ladies and one man and two married ladies and myself that is the bunch I like just fine so far. The Dr is not going keep me in I don't guess. I have been helping Sumpter on his elevator enough to make all my expenses except board I don't work regular. I have made $3.60 since I cam and I guess I will make a right smart more I get $1.20 a day when I help and don't go to work until 8 o'clock and stop at 4.30 and 30 min for dinner. I feel a little bit better tonight than usual I feel just that I want to do something real _______ and if I was at home I guess I would. I was supprised to hear of Mr Hupp's wedding, but am glad. Tell Uncle Mitt I can sertainly sympathize with him and hope that he will soon be well, and feel better after this. Say write me what are you'll doing and all about crop affairs you know that I am anxious to know what is going on Give my love to Mamma and all of the little one and tell Katie (Howdy).

By By

Your loving Brother


Reuben mentions several names in the his letter and all are related to him. Atwood is Atwood Gosney (b 1888), son of Thomas Gosney and Amanda Sarah "Sallie" Richardson and first cousin to Reuben and Esther Lee. Sumpter is Sumpter Adams (b 1891), son of Thomas Adams and Julia Richardson and another first cousin. Katie is Reuben and Esther's younger sister. This is the first time I have heard of an Uncle Mitt. I'm not sure who he referring to here.

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