Sunday, January 17, 2010

Who Is She.....More Clues

I still don't know who she is, but I know more than I did when I first posted. (

What I've learned since the last post:

*I was able to find the photographer WGR Frayser (both Jr and Sr) in the Danville, VA directories. This photography studio was only in Danville, VA from 1888-1891. That narrowed down the age of the photo quite nicely.

*The woman's hairstyle should also have been a clue to her age. She is wearing bangs which apparently did not come into fashion until the 1880's.

*The card thickness was also another clue. I learned that the 1mm thickness placed this CDV in the 1880-1890's.

Today as I was studying this particular CDV, I decided to take another look at my collection of family photos and see if I had any other CDV's or cabinet cards by the same photographer. I found not one, but two! One of a young man and one of a young child:

Maybe a family group?

Stay tuned.....

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