Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Oral History Is So Much Fun!

Me (Lisa), Grandmom, and Aunt Nancy
Oral history is so much fun to collect. Stories about people and clues to your ancestors can be gleaned that are cannot be found in the "official" records.

In search of more family stories led me on another visit to my paternal grandmother.  While she may not want me to tell you her age, let's just say she's 90 (cough!) +.

I have interviewed my grandmother a number of times.  Each time more memories seem to emerge and new details around old stories come to light.

So, what did I learn?

  • Important clues to the possible identities in an "unknown" photograph.
  • More about the relationship and close interactions between my Elliott (Barnett) and Talbott ancestors. 
  • Information and clues about my GG grandfather's (Will Haley's) brother John  Haley. 
  • Young cousins can earn enough money worming tobacco to pay for gas money to go see their first airplane!
  • Four generations spending time together is worth all the travel!
As I sort through and evaluate all the new clues I gained, I will keep you updated on my Halifax County, VA ancestors.

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