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Connie Maise Howard

Connie Maise Howard was my great grandfather. Connie was born 15 Nov 1891 in Jonesboro, Moore, NC and was the fifth child of Alan Suggs Howard and Emma Thomas. He siblings included Mary Ammie (Aunt Ammie), Britton (Uncle Brit), Pearlie, Whitey (Ommie Whitey), Clyde (Rosa Clyde), Alberta, and Redin (George Redin).

On my side of the family, Connie is referred to as Big Grandaddy. This nickname originated with my brother, who used the nickname to distinguish between his grandfather (Lester) and his great grandfather (Connie). The nickname stuck and continues to be used today in our stories. Another interesting fact is Connie's middle name. I have seen it spelled Maise and Maize in various documents. I believe this name may have been originally Mays-- a family name several generations further back on a maternal side. Also of interest is that Connie had a great uncle named Allen Mays Harward. As of now, I have not heard any theories for the origin of his given name Connie. Interestingly, Connie is the first ancestor to consistently spell (or have his name spelled) as Howard. Most generations before him interchange Howard and Harward easily. (Once I figured that out, research went a lot quicker!)
Connie's first wife was Mattie Maddox who I introduced in an earlier entry. She died at a young age leaving Connie to care for his 4 children. Cousin Brenda sent me the following she copied from a card that Mattie wrote to Connie. He kept it in his little special box of things:

When the golden sun is setting

And you face no more I see,

Of ever a thousand things your thinking

Will you one time think of me.

You I love and you alone

You may change

But I will never.

Connie's second wife was Lily Gordon. They married in May 1929 and their daughter Joy was born in 1930. Sadly, Lily and the baby left the family returning to her family in the West End area.

Lily Gordon Howard

Connie's third wife was Thelma Parker Poole more often known as Bubbles. Her marriage to Connie in Sept 1936 was her second marriage and she added her daughter Aunt Tiny (Mary Frances) and her son to the family as well.

Connie's fourth wife was Lucille. Unfortunately, no one readily remembers her maiden name. (One more research question for me.) I attended their wedding as a small child and was quite unsure what I thought about the bride not wearing white!

Connie lived a long and full life. Like the many generations before him, longevity was on his side. He passed away 10 Jan 1995 at the age of 103.

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